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Culture Briefs saves you time searching for your next contract. We are the only job listing service just focussing on freelance, consultancy and agency opportunities in the cultural sector. As well as publishing the briefs we receive, we search websites, listings and social media to make sure we bring you the latest opportunities. They're delivered straight to your inbox every Monday so that you can get on with what you do best; working with your clients.

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What we include

We feature opportunities in the UK arts, heritage and cultural sectors for individuals, consultancies and agencies. We concentrate on opportunities with a strategic focus; covering areas like organisational planning and development, communications or digital consultancy, branding and design, audience research and evaluation. We don't currently cover opportunities for artists and creatives, technicians or teachers.

Recent opportunites at organisations including


We offer two pricing levels; a lower rate for sole traders and individual consultants, and a higher rate for larger consultancies and agencies. Once you select an option, you can pay using our secure Stripe payment service and we'll set up your subscription.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly (save over 15% when you opt to pay yearly).